Our whole planet emits good vibrations. No, it’s not a free love hippie manifesto from the sixties, but cold, hard science from a discovery in the 1990s by scientists that showed the planet constantly vibrates at very low frequencies. Researchers believe they’ve finally determined the cause of the vibration–it’s ocean waves. According to livescience, the theory that waves cause the Earth’s hum isn’t new. Until recently, science couldn’t completely account for the range of vibrations found on earthquake sensors, but a new study from the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea creates a model that accounts for all the various microseismic signals–an important step for turning the planet’s mysterious sounds into an understandable signal. Why is the hum important? Having a better understanding of the earth’s hum could eventually help scientists create better maps of the Earths’ interior. Things that make you go hmmm.

Via livescience

Image via Shutterstock