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Working from rustic Pender Island, Cleland’s terrariums are expertly cut in an array of sizes and shapes and edged with lead free solder. Borrowing from geometry class, the glass is arranged in dodecahedrons, rhombi, cubes and pyramids, which create prismatic tabletop sculptures. Cleland even borrows from the holistic quartz shape, the terrarium jutting upward like a crystal, with the miniature garden housed inside. Hanging terrariums come in both open and closed models, adding an infusion of greenery even if table space is scarce.

Each terrarium kit comes with the goods you need for planting — a bag of rocks, sand, activated charcoal and even a quartz crystal to create an artsy scene inside the planter. Even Score + Solder’s packaging is decorative; the printed hemp bag each terrarium comes in can be used to tote your gardening goods, or even be turned into a flower pot itself!

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