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Alger has been fusing his love for the practice of light graffiti with his interest in New York City’s downtown elite, musicians, and other artists. He creates unique portraits which combine his incredible craft and expertise with illuminated movement. Alger also brings the incredible energy of the performers he photographs out into his work, translating their personal creativity and driving force with his own strokes and colors of light.

Alger’s pieces range from high fashion and portraiture to nightlife tableaus set with actual galleries as the backdrop. Models are adorned with glowing wings, made by drawing in the air with a glowing bulb. Swirls of yellow and red are made to suggest movement, triangles are traced to make multi-layered patterns behind a posed model. Alger even tries his hand at sketching words in light, using a small, fine bulb to trace each letter in the complete darkness.

Because the exposures of each photograph are so long, Alger himself goes undetected in the photo, moving too quickly for the film to capture his presence.  The long exposure also allows for one model to appear several times in one photograph, with Alger’s carefully directed light capturing only what he wants the camera to see. Rather than using light graffiti to create ephemeral sculptural forms, Alger’s stands apart, because he uses this tool to capture the energy and vivacity of the models and performers he chooses to photograph, in a way like no other.

+ Scott Alger