Whiskey isn’t just good for a stiff drink at the end of the day; it’s also a handy tool for powering electric vehicles. At least that’s what the Bruichladdich Whiskey Distillery on the Scottish isle of Islay is using for their Nissan Leaf.

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Whiskey distillation is an extraordinarily water and energy intensive process.  Bruichdillach used to ferry thousands of tons of expended material to a pipeline terminal at an annual cost of $30,000.

Now, instead of exporting and dumping this liquid mass into the sea, the organic and biodynamic single-malt distillery has introduced two anaerobic digesters, which reprocess the waste using bacteria. The byproduct, methane, can be burned as fuel and will potentially supply enough electricity to power the entire distillery, including an on-site Nissan Leaf.

To celebrate the feat of a closed-loop zero-waste operation, Bruichladdich has released a special Leaf edition organic whiskey.  The sustainable spirit, with hints of smoke, peat and moss stands as the final link in self-sufficiency. Sláinte.

Via Autoblog Green