Scrap Lab is a group of designers based out of Bangkok’s Kasetsart University’s Architecture program that creates fun and innovative furniture out discarded industrial scraps. The group makes an eclectic variety of furniture, from a funky shaggy lamp to a lounge chair with a quilt-block pattern — all masterfully re-purposing materials that were once considered waste. While their list of materials includes traditional materials such as wood and metal, it also includes less traditional items such as foam and rope. The purpose of the group’s work is to not only create physical products, but also to collect research on how discarded materials can be used effectively to design functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces.

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I love all the pieces, but I find myself particularly enamored with the contemporary and minimalist feel of the ‘Black Nest’ chair and stool (featured at the top) and the quilted lounge chair (featured above). Made of black plastic trimmings, I have to admit that the ‘Black Nest’ chair and stool are not as cheerful or humorous as some of the other pieces. However, it is a well-balanced mix of sleek and textured, and there is no question that the texture is reminiscent of the criss-cross of the chic Corallo and Campana flats, which is probably why I love it so much. The quilted lounge chair is another favorite, with a removable quilt that looks meticulously crafted, especially for less-than-new fabric. It has just the right splash of color to make it a stunning and rather comfy-looking piece.

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