There’s nothing we love more at Inhabitat than seeing waste materials recycled into innovative new pieces. Upcycling allows old items to be magically transformed into new, interesting pieces, and there’s a little company in Maine that’s doing something remarkable with old boat sails. A sail can only be mended so many times before it’s no longer usable, but instead of letting all that sturdy material go to waste, Sea Bags recycles these sails into gorgeous, nautical-themed bags that come in all shapes and sizes.

The question “Where do all the old sails go? weighed heavily on the minds of two young entrepreneurs on the Atlantic shores of Maine. With this concern for reducing waste in mind, the founders re-appropriated the rugged elegance of the sail to create one of the best hand-crafted bags around.

Sea Bags look very practical and sturdy, and are sure to give you that “Captain’s Club” look. The bags come in several different sizes (including wine bags!) and can be ordered directly from the Maine-based company’s website.

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