In Australia, marine researchers have come up with a smart solution to a really strange problem. A team of scientists at the University of Queensland’s School of Biological Sciences has been trying to study the eating habits of loggerhead sea turtles, which they do by collecting the turtles’ solid waste. Because sea turtles live in, well, the sea, this has not been an easy task. And then a thought occurred to the team: why not use the best poo-collection device out there to tackle the job? That’s right – the researchers fashioned diapers for the turtles to collect samples of their feces before releasing them into the wild. The team upcycled swim shirts from a thrift store to do the job, giving the turtles some pretty eye-catching duds to show off, if only for the amusement to the other turtles involved in the study, since their recycled diapers were removed before the turtles were reintroduced to their ocean homes.