The Sealander camper boat is everything you always wished your parents’ pop-up trailer could be — a go-anywhere vehicle that is always ready for an adventure. There are no winches, cranks, or velcro bits to install late at night when you get to your campsite, and when you wake up the next morning to go fishing, just drive the whole thing into the lake using the small electric motor. The little craft is designed to be legal on almost all inland waterways in the U.S. with no boating license required.

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Inside, the Sealander features two bench-style beds that double as seats for relaxing in the modular interior. According to Sealander, “Depending on the needs of the application [you] can modify the interior modules, or remove them completely. The seats can convert to a spacious deck area. In front of the benches, the cooking and sink modules [can be used as a refrigerator] and heater.” The roof peels back to create a star-gazing deck area, and a hydraulic door on the opposite side will let you down to the ground via a tiny ladder. Best of all, the Sealander is the right size to be towed by a mid-size car without any special side mirrors or permits. The Sealander will be available in 2012 for around $20,000.

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Via Treehugger