Kaynemaile‘s KML22 material doesn’t look like anything special — it’s just a cluster of interlocking rings, or “a seamless polycarbonate mesh” according to the company. But this recyclable material has the potential to revolutionize a number of industries with applications ranging from body armor to aquaculture to oil spill recovery.

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KML22 solves what Kaynemaile dubs a 2,000 year-old design flaw by forming an injection-molded material without any joints, links, or parting lines. The 100% recyclable mesh is supposedly cost-effective, rust-free, impact resistant, and odorless.

At the moment, Kaynemaile is focusing its marketing efforts on architects and designers (see the case studies on Kaynemaile’s website), but eventually KML22 could be used in water purification, oil spill recovery, artificial ski slopes, conveyor belts, and more.

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