Wandering through the Australian Hills north of Melbourne, it would be easy to miss this deceptively simple, yet elegant house nestled into the surrounding countryside. But once you have reached this beautiful abode designed by Sean Godsell it’s hard to forget it. These hills are not just the home of this dynamic dwelling, but they act to protect it from the often harsh Australian weather and provide shade from the blazing sun.

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This hillside home also has some nifty technical features that go along with the active use of the surrounding landscape. Being able to adapt to changing conditions is an important aspect of life and this house has versatility that in spades, with a flexible steel skin that will allow it to strike an equilibrium between the need for insulation and stunning Australian views.

The Glenburn house also utilizes solar panels to provide power and hot water, as well as a rainwater collection devices to help in those times when water is scarce, increasing its self-sufficiency. Double glazing helps give the house even more passive climate control. All in all, Sean Godsell and his team have created a stunning sustainable home that gracefully rides the gentle hills in the Yarra Valley.

+ Sean Godsell

Via Archdaily

Photo credit: Earl Carter & Sean Godsell