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The Bullitt Center not only aims to be the greenest commercial space in the world, but has been created in hopes that other will copy its ideas and technologies, changing the way buildings are designed in the future. By combining new technologies and a bevy of the tried and true green practices, the Bullitt Center wants to show the world that it can do it all—and be all green all the time.

The giant solar canopy that hangs on eaves over the roof is said to harness enough energy to power the six floors of offices, even on rainy days. The ample rain in Seattle also plays a big role in the building’s day to day operations, as all of the center’s water is provided by harvested rainwater. This could seem extreme in other markets, but in Seattle where it rains most of the year, the harvested rainwater provides enough for the building to survive a 100 day drought. Indoor composting toilets, geothermal wells for heating and an FSC certified wood building frame sweeten the deal.

But Bullitt hopes to show sunnier places, like LA or Santa Fe, that if a solar powered building can thrive in Seattle, it only makes sense to continue construction in other cities.

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