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In addition to being non-toxic and fireproof, seaweed has been proven to have insulating properties as good as those of commonly used mineral insulation. It has fantastic acoustic properties, reproduces itself every year without any human involvement and has a life cycle of more than 150 years. It is in many regards the “ultimate sustainable material,” claims Realdania Byg’s Jørgen Søndermark.

The architects decided to stuff the seaweed into netted bags and distribute it all over the façade. The interior walls, lined with wood, frame spaces for two families with living room and kitchen located in the center of the building.

Besides building a band new house clad in seaweed, Realdania Byg has also restored the roof of one of the neighboring houses. The team hopes that these two projects will help promote seaweed as a viable building material and preserve the traditional architecture of the region.

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