Our favorite building block just keeps finding more and more inspired uses. The latest LEGO creation to catch our eye is this gorgeous greenhouse, which Sebastian Bergne built for the 2011 London Design Festival. LEGO commissioned Bergne to create the public installation, which is a working greenhouse made entirely from building bricks. Even the soil inside is LEGO, but thankfully the plants and vegetables are real!

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Bergne’s design reflects the Covent Garden’s design heritage and cultural history, featuring a pitched roof that mirrors the architecture surrounding the installation. Describing his project, Bergne said, “During the day the structure looks very much like an ordinary suburban greenhouse dropped into a new environment. Yet at night, it assumes another character entirely. It is transformed into a magical box, glowing and lit it seems, by the life of the plants it contains.”

The installation will be on display in London’s Covent Garden from September 15th to 25th.

+ Sebastian Bergne

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