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Presented by Cristina Grajales Gallery at Design Miami in December of 2014, the beautiful cabinet is made from dozens of slats of Baltic birch and stands upright on four sturdy steel legs. Each thin slat is interconnected to the surrounding slats, and sets the whole row into motion when one is moved. A series of individual hinges allows the piece to move from side to side in a wave-like motion, without spilling the cabinet’s contents onto the floor.

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With Errazuriz’s unique hinge and join system, the Wave Cabinet creates a new way of interacting with furniture. Instead of one way to open and close the piece, the hinges allow the cabinet to be opened in a variety of ways. This not only gives access in surprising points, but also changes the cabinets look and shape.

Rather than being simply a functional container, Errazuriz’s interactive cabinet becomes a focal point for any room. By meshing function with fine art, Errazuriz has created a whimsical new piece that takes furniture design to a new level.

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