Do you have a green building idea that’s bursting to break through? Now is the time to let it shine, as the Lifecycle Building Challenge is open for submissions! Currently in its second year running, the contest invites architects, students, designers, and construction professionals to submit innovative ideas for greening our built environment from start to finish. Last year’s stunner was David Miller’s Pavilion in the Park, and we can’t wait to see this year’s entries!

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Earlier this year the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) found that “promoting the green design, construction, renovation and operation of buildings could cut North American greenhouse gas emissions that are fueling climate change more deeply, quickly, and cheaply than any other available measure.”

The Lifecycle contest directly addresses this challenge with its call “to shape the future of green building and facilitate local building materials reuse.” They’re looking for entries that address every angle of construction, including adaptability and disassembly. Past approaches have shown innovative approaches to construction and demolition, new ways to reduce and reuse materials, and systems that cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Six winning entries will be chosen including two from students and four professional projects, and awards include national recognition, free passes to West Coast Green, and immortalization on the Lifecycle Building Challenge website. The contest deadline is July 31, 2008, registration is open to everyone, and participation is free.

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