Animal lovers had barely recovered from the news that a Danish zoo killed a perfectly healthy giraffe and fed it to the lions when a second Danish zoo announced its intentions to do the same thing. Now that zoo, called the Jyllands Park Zoo, has revealed that it no longer plans to kill the giraffe, at least for the time being. The zoo announced on its Facebook page that plans had changed after they determined that they would not be receiving a female giraffe as previously expected, meaning that they no longer had to kill one of their male giraffes in order to avoid fighting.

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Last week the Copenhagen Zoo chose to kill one of its male giraffes because of concerns over inbreeding. The killing sparked international outrage, and some staff at the zoo began to receive death threats. A few days later, the Jylland zoo was presented with a hypothetical question from journalists and they responded that if they received a female giraffe in the near future, they may be forced to cull one of their male giraffes in order to prevent fighting over the new giraffe.

Now it seems that the zoo won’t be receiving the expected female, so the existing giraffes will continue to live together at the zoo. The park also stated that it had only answered a hypothetical question from a news organization and had no intention to euthanize any giraffes at all, but were merely stating that it might be necessary at some point in the future. Coincidentally, both the giraffe from the Copenhagen Zoo and the giraffe from the Jyllands Zoo were named Marius. There is no word from the Jylland zoo on what will happen if they do finally receive a female giraffe.

Via Reuters

images from the Jyllands Park Zoo and Derek Keats