It looks like the American anti-climate change movement is, if nothing else, a well-funded one. The Guardian reports an analysis of tax records shows “secretive funders” behind the country’s conservative movement gave about $125 million worth of funding over three years to groups dedicated to spreading false information about climate change, and ruining Obama’s plan to tackle the problem. According to the Guardian, that figure is about half the total anonymous funding handed out to right wing groups and proves the importance of climate-related issues to American conservatives.

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The two main organizations providing the funds are known as the Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fun, often called collectively the “Dark Money ATM” of the conservative movement. These funds have helped create a variety of think tanks and activist groups that are lobbying against measures to combat climate change.

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“The conservative think tanks are really the spearhead of the conservative assault on climate change,” sociologist of environmental politics at the University of Oklahoma, Riley Dunlap told the Guardian. “They write books, put out briefings and open editorials, bring in contrarian scientists… They are an immense megaphone that amplifies very, very minority voices.”

These same organizations fighting climate change initiatives are also actively working to get rid of measures put in place to promote wind and solar power and even block planning for future sea level rise in state capitals.

Via The Guardian

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