Apple still hasn’t gone public about its electric car project, reportedly named Titan, but new developments are coming to light nonetheless. The Wall Street Journal has had its journalistic finger on the pulse of the Titan project since the beginning, and a new report sheds a little more light on the timeline of this secret research. According to WSJ’s unnamed source, Apple has committed employees and resources to get its electric car prepared for release in 2019.

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Previous reports put the targeted unveil date at 2020, so this update suggests Apple is speeding up the original project timeline. WSJ’s source also reports employees from various parts of the company have been reassigned to the Titan effort, effectively tripling the original 600-person team. That represents a significant commitment to a project that doesn’t officially exist.

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All indications are that the Apple car will most certainly have an electric motor, but it’s not expected to be fully autonomous. Self-driving car technology may be all the rage, but insiders say that Apple isn’t planning for their first car to be a fully self-driving model. Reportedly, there are plans within the company to look at such a vehicle later down the road, so we’ll have to wait and see what that might look like. For the time being, we’ll just have to continue amusing ourselves with internal bets about how long it will be before Apple execs ‘fess up and make a statement about the Titan electric car project.

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