There are utilitarian lamps that emit light and do nothing more, and then there are lamps that make you want to sit back in your favorite armchair and relax with a book and a hot cup of tea. Secto lamps fall into the latter category. Designed by architect Seppo Koho for the Finnish company Secto Design, these wooden lamps, which have been handcrafted from birch by local cabinet makers, have a modern form, but they also have a classic, timeless quality.

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Secto Design’s lamps have been on display at Wanted Design 2013, during New York Design Week. Highly skilled Finnish craftsmen handcrafted the lamps out of variously shaped, locally-sourced birch slats connected by rings of aircraft plywood. Tube-shaped energy-saving light bulbs suit the Secto Design shades best and give about five times more light than incandescent bulbs. The lamps, which can come as pendants, table, floor and wall lamps, radiate soft, warm light through the dense wooden bars and feel characteristically Scandinavian.

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