The much anticipated Sandwichbike, which can be assembled like a piece of IKEA furniture, will start shipping this December. Designed by Bastens Leijh’s Dutch studio Bleijh Industrial, the bike will be shipped within a 17kg case containing a CNC-milled beech plywood frame that sandwiches the wheels and is locked in place using hand-milled aluminum cylinders.

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The kit will comprise less than 50 parts that are ridiculouslyeasy to assemble. All of its components are connected via cylinders, mitigating the need to weld them together. The bike’s ergonomic shape has been developed in collaboration with experts, engineers and product designers. But special attention was paid to the way the bike is assembled-it is simple enough that amateurs can put them together as easily as technically savvy bikers.

The Sandwichbike will initially cost €799 ($1,087) and will start shipping in Europe at the end of the year for €25. It is planned to reach the rest of the world at the beginning of 2014. Shipping costs for international delivery are €150.

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