With The Design Can’s clever new Self-Destructo Candle, you can literally burn your candle at both ends. The Self-Destructo is a traditional paraffin pillar candle with an embedded LED light. If you replace the battery occasionally, the LED “candle” will last forever. However, if you ever get tired of it – you don’t need to worry about sending yet another gadget to landfill. Instead, just flip the candle over, cut the wick, light it, and watch it slowly melt away. Self-destruction is the future of eco-design!

$37 from Elsewares

The Design Can is a Brooklyn based creative team focusing on design for exceptional living. Founded by Pratt grads Steven Tomlinson and Jeannie Choe, The Design Can produces humorous and conceptually engaging furniture and interior design products such as the “Self-Portrait Mirror” that we covered in 2005.

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