Mercedes-Benz just unveiled its vision of the future of the automobile at Consumer Electronics Show”>CES 2015 – and it drives itself. The F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle is “an illustration of how the car will grow beyond a means of transport and into a private retreat bringing comfort and luxury to a new level.” The autonomous car is basically an ultra-luxe lounge on wheels where passengers can relax, chat, and even take a nap while being driven to their location.

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Autonomous cars are expected to arrive within the next five to ten years, but Mercedes’ new research vehicle is the automaker’s vision of what transportation could look like by the year 2030. Without the need for a traditional gas or diesel-powered motor, and thanks to the self-driving technology, the F 015 represents a major design departure from today’s automobiles. Instead of having a long hood, the F 015 has a very short hood and a long wheelbase to maximize the space inside. Once inside you’ll find four lounge chairs that can face each other.

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With its huge amount of interior space, this vehicle takes the concepts of comfort and luxury to a new level. Every facet of the care reflects perfectly the Mercedes way of interpreting the term “modern luxury”, as well as emotion and intelligence. In addition to allowing passengers to communicate better with one another, the interior also has six display screens to connect riders with the vehicle itself. Passengers can connect with the car through gestures and eye-tracking, or by touching the high-resolution screens.

The F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle is powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain. To help it drive autonomously without any intervention from the driver, the car uses a series of cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and radar.

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