Years ago, PumpTire developed a self-inflating bicycle tire that used the compression of the tire on the ground to suck air inside. Unfortunately, the entire tire had to be replaced once it wore down. Now the developers have used the same principles to create a self-inflating bike tube – and it’s compatible with standard bike tires.

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The mechanism is similar to the original idea, in that a valve outside the tube draws air into a pumping device that uses the rhythmic compression of the tires rolling on the ground to pump air into the tube. Once the preset, desired pressure level is reached, the mechanism shuts off. This means there will never be the need to over-inflate your tires as a safety precaution before hitting the road.

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The developer, Benjamin Krempel, hopes to launch a Kickstarter for the project next year. It is estimated to cost between $30 to $55 for a kit, which will fit third-party 700c and 26-inch bicycle tires. While the system takes a load off the mind of the rider, keep in mind that significant rips and holes that occur still need to be patched, though everyday air seepage will be a thing of the past.

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