Danish designer Johanna Riedl‘s Saw Dust Chair redefines waste minimization by reusing sawdust from its own manufacture to create a comfy cushion. Sawdust created while constructing the chair’s wood frame is vacuum sealed in bags to create a stiff and comfortable seating element. Riedl’s brilliant chair forms part of the Morphology program established by the Royal Danish Academy Schools of Architecture and Design, and it was one of several student projects featured at this year’s Milan Design Week.

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The process of transforming a piece of wood into a chair generates a fair amount of waste material, plus the sawdust is usually recycled into burning material, which can’t be good for the environment. Johanna Riedl decided to use waste in an efficient way- in producing the chair itself. The dust made by shaping the chair’s frame is molded into semi-transparent bags that can be emptied of air. This feature makes the seating element more comfortable and stable.

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The Saw Dust Chair, along with other innovative furniture designs created by Danish students, was exhibited at Salone del Mobile, part of the 2014 Milan Design Week, which this year celebrated its 5th edition.

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