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The shells are completely self-supporting and free from columns or pillars. Their outer layers are made from FSC-certified timber built to German Passive House standards. These are ultra-ow energy buildings with triple glazing on the windows, and doors that have been imported from Europe. 80 prefabricated timber panels of four different types were made with the greatest accuracy in order to fit together seamlessly. The structures are exceptionally watertight and highly insulated, and only minimal energy is required to power all of the lights in the building—the equivalent to energy needed to boil a kettle.

The interiors feature customized furniturethat echoes the rounded dome of the building. The architect reinvented his Shabby sofa to fit the soft curves of the space, and dining chairs that sit around the custom-made round marble table were upholstered in sheep’s wool, bringing a level of tactility to the space.

+ Timothy Oulton

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