Semigood Design’s Rift collection brings an heirloom quality to modern designs through simple streamlined forms and the tradition of handcrafted woodworking. Gentle tapers, solid wood construction, and hand-cut joinery add both to the beauty and durability of the Rift collection. The beauty of the collection is in its handcrafted artistry and the joinery that goes into completing these contemporary heirloom pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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An American furniture company based in Seattle, WA, each piece of furniture is handmade to order in their facility. Semigood combines a commitment to bold and functional hand-crafted furniture and sustainability throughout all their products. While we are always hesitant to ask individuals to consume more goods, durability and quality of craftsmanship is equally as important as design – if not a part of the design.  Keeping with a sustainable transition, FSC certified domestic hardwoods and low or no-voc wood finishes.

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