Imagine knowing you’re getting dehydrated before you collapse. Or receiving an alert that your blood sugar levels are dipping too low. Or for those with pacemakers, getting a warning that you’re venturing too close to an electromagnetic field. It may sound like science fiction, but a new wristwatch provides continuous biofeedback, detecting medical problems before they become an emergency.

The Sensory Wristwatch is being developed by scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute, a research center based in Germany. The lab-on-a-chip watch essentially combines several biomarker sensors into one device. Researchers hope the watch could eventually be customized for individual patients based on the medical problems they are prone to. By providing continuous biofeedback, the watch could hopefully prevent medical emergencies from happening.

The Sensory Wristwatch is still under development, but the technology seems really revolutionary. The only problem? The device doesn’t tell time.

+ Fraunhofer Institute

Via Popular Science