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Every year, the Festival of Lively Architecture aims to raise public awareness of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning through a series of temporary art installations and pavilions. Sensual Wave represented one of seven installations in this year’s festival. Inspired by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s preference for “the free and sensual curve [found] in the body of the beloved woman,” Marion Moustey and Alexandre Arcens’ Sensual Wave forgoes hard lines for rounded and arced shapes.

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The spheres, which are of varying sizes and cover an area of 645 square feet, are dressed in embroidery to emphasize the connection to the feminine form. The texture of the embroidery and the reflected images of the spheres in the water also spurs dialogue on the concept of a void and the contrasts between shadow and light. “The Sensual Wave plays with water, without ever touching it, brushes it, goes away from it,” says Moustey. “As a magical moment, the ephemeral character of the installation evokes a wave that we can’t hold back.”

+ Marion Moustey

Images via Marion Moustey