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The Black Tree was conceived as an artificial tree, and it follows the lines of a real tree as it stands 4.5 meters tall and almost 3.5 meters long. People in Tašmajdan Park have the opportunity to take advantage of the wooden bench, which sits below the Black Tree, and enjoy the shade and shelter that this artificial tree provides. Though there are plenty of trees in the park, this installation also serves as a reminder of what is provided by these friendly giants throughout the world. This also includes the conversion of the suns energy into something useful for the human race.

The Black Tree’s accompanying bench has a small, raised, black bar that rests in the middle of the wood. This bar has many charging points on stretchy cords that hang for use by almost any electronic.  These adapters can charge mobile phones, tablets and other multimedia devices, while visitors enjoy the park. The bench is a great place to take in the views of the Serbo-Byzantine styled St. Mark’s Church, which is located next to Tašmajdan Park.

+ Miloš Milivojevic

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