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MinArc’s goal was to create a serene family sanctuary that connects its inhabitants with the surrounding natural environment. At the same time they wanted to combine sustainable and eco-friendly materials with energy efficient technologies and minimalist architecture. Located in the rural Icelandic countryside, the 1,500 sq ft home features 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and a loft, plus a detached garage. As the people in the region are committed to the preservation of its beautiful natural scenery and resources, the owners of the home sought to honor this commitment.

The structure and surrounding decks are elevated off the ground in order to reduce the project’s impact on the site. Native wood was locally sourced and used as siding, which allows for the project to blend in with the surrounding regional landscape. The home was designed to take advantage of passive solar building strategies and cross ventilation to minimize electricity costs. Large expansive windows provide abundant natural light and create an immediate connection with the outdoors. Extra outdoor living space and an outdoor shower provide more opportunities for the inhabitants to connect with the environment. Sustainable, organic materials were chosen to reference the nearby landscape, and an edible garden is incorporated into the home’s exterior to foster sustainable living.

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Images ©Torfi Agnarsson