Last Thursday, the National Design Awards were announced at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, honoring the best of American Design in ten broad categories including Architecture, Fashion, and Communication. While we applaud Patagonia, who won the Corporate Achievement Award for their environmental initiatives, we are particularly appreciative of the accolades for Sergio Palleroni, who won a Special Jury Commendation for his work at the University of Texas Center for Sustainable Development. Palleroni runs design/build studios in disadvantaged communities worldwide, teaching participants how to best exploit locally available resources and to build long term, sustainable developments.

Professor Palleroni and the UT Sustainable Design and Development Workshop will be showcased next year as part of a 6-part series on PBS called “Architecture=e2,” to be broadcast for Earth-Day. The segment, which will be entitled, “Design Like You Give a Damn,” will center on Palleroni’s work to provide assistance in areas hit by disaster, which seems particularly appropriate given recent global events. Currently, Palleroni is working with a student team to produce 19,000 homes for single mothers in rural Yaqui, Mexico.

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Via The New York Times