Australia-based design studio SODO – SOPA has introduced a furniture set made completely out of upcycled cardboard that is also modular and customizable. The series, called Serif + Sero, helps promote waste repurposing and consumer awareness for a more sustainable future.

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cardboard coffee tables near dog on yellow background

The furniture set features a series of coffee tables that can be modified to become stackable storage units, the studio’s way of introducing flexibility in function and form. Pieces are available in square or circular versions and assembled through interactive cuts, scores, flips and folds to lock into place. Assembly ranges in difficulty depending on the set.

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square and round cardboard coffee tables near gray sofas

Inspired by the studio’s award-winning project where it constructed a 100% upcycled cardboard installation using 1,800 hand-cut modules sourced from waste, Serif + Sero advocates for inclusive upcycling. The previous project allowed the public to shape and mold cardboard themselves to create unique designs, proving that every type of household has the ability to reduce its waste in imaginative ways and contribute toward a circular economy.

square cardboard coffee table on white background

A common shipping material often used by electronic companies to protect products, thick, corrugated cardboard boxes don’t get recycled nearly as much as they should due to size and weight. Especially among average households, these boxes are routinely discarded as waste in landfills, or they end up in the oceans. Even worse, as certain types of cardboard decompose, they can generate methane, a greenhouse gas that pollutes the environment.

round cardboard coffee table on white background

SODO – SOPA’s designs are minimal and practical, and the ability for the furnishings to convert into modular, stackable storage units provide an additional perk. Once stacked, storage towers may be used inside closets or as a decorative bookshelf in the home, and the neutral, organic color is attractive in a range of décor themes. In an effort to get the community to embrace the power and accessibility of upcycling in everyday life, the studio plans to release the design as an open-source project available to the public after prototyping additional designs with fabricators.


Images via SODO – SOPA