Canadian-based Planting Hope Company Inc. introduced a new brand of sesame milk to the market. The company has termed its new product as the world’s most planet-friendly and nutritious plant-based milk

The milk is produced from sesame seeds, a development that has been made possible by the company. For over five years, Planting Hope has invested in the development of the product, which is now taking over the vegan milk market by storm.

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Additionally, the company only recently launched its Hope and Sesame line in Canada with Loblaw Companies. The product will now be made available in the 382 grocery stores under Loblaw across Canada.

“Hope and Sesame has brought important breakthrough innovation to plant-based milk, opening a whole new category, sesame milk, that unlocks the dense nutrition of the extremely sustainable and planet-friendly sesame seed,” said Julia Stamberger, CEO and cofounder of Planting Hope. “We’re very excited to bring our innovative Sesamemilk line, in our eye-grabbing, colorful new dual-language packaging, to Canadian consumers with Loblaw.”

Sesame milk is not the first plant-based milk product in th world. The plant-based milk market is currently worth $38.9 billion globally. According to Data Bridge, plant-based milk’s market value is 7.7 times larger than that of plant-based meat.

One of the main factors driving demand for plant-based milk is intolerance to dairy milk. Almost 70% of the world is intolerant to dairy proteins. Besides the concern about allergic proteins, there is the concern about greenhouse pollution. Cultivating livestock contributes heavily to greenhouse gases like methane and CO2. This has seen more people shifting to plant-based alternatives.

On the other hand, the journey to plant-based milk is not without bumps. Some types of plant-based milk such as almond milk have been found to be equally stressful to the planet. Almond farming uses plenty of water and harms bee populations. However, more friendly milk options such as sesame are now popping up.

With rising consumer awareness about climate change, the growth of the plant-based milk market can only continue. In addition, it is important that the globe finds the type of plant-based milk that offers value without serious drawbacks.

Via Planting Hope Company Inc.

Lead image via Planting Hope Company