If you had a ceiling like this one, which is completely covered in LEDs, you could, on a whim, change the lighting in your room. Draw The Lights, by Seo Dong-Hun, is a concept for a customizable LED ceiling composed of a network of energy efficient LED lights, a few sensors and a light wand. Need brighter light right above you to read? Use the light wand to turn on more lights. Want to create a special pattern for a party? You can paint the ceiling with lights to fit your mood.

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In most houses, you would need a complete remodel in order to reposition lights if you want to move your furniture around. Dong-Hun’s concept for a customizable ceiling would give you the flexibility to light for different settings, parties or work. Composed of a ceiling web of circular LED units, patterns and moods can be drawn into the ceiling via the light wand, which communicates with the sensor inside the LED unit.

Users can set the light type as well as the color for each unit across the whole ceiling. And since all of the lights are LEDs, the lighting system is energy efficient and could have the potential to save energy, since you can create the ambiance that fits your needs. And it’s pretty unlikely that you would ever need the entire ceiling of lights on at once.

Via Yanko Design via Red Dot