Crossing classic sports car design with sustainable technology, PG launched their sexy new Lotus Elise-based Elektrus PG in Berlin, Germany. This ‘premium-segment urbane sports car’ was presented by its designer Michael Fröhlich, who showcased the automobile’s sophisticated look and cutting-edge electric advancements. The car charges up in around eight hours using a standard household outlet, and it’s impressively quick, zipping to 62 mph in under three seconds with a max speed of 155 mph.

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Moving beyond their acclaimed carbon-fiber electric bicycles, PG presented the Elektrus as its very first automobile. With around 270 horsepower and an estimated range of 215 miles, this car looks every bit as impressive as it’s price tag – a whopping $367,700. So for anyone in the market for a hot new green(er) machine, this may be just the eco roadster you’re looking for.

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