Hypercar statistics get us mildly turned on, but when you mention that a sexy, supercharged sports car runs on biofuel, well that really gets our motor revving. Koenigsegg, the maker of the Agera, has enhanced their V8 sports car to run on biofuel while maintaining all of its juicy performance specs. A Speed Racer-inspired model was recently unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

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When the CCXR was introduced in 2007, Koenigsegg wanted to make sure their hypercars were advancing towards greener technologies, so they adjusted their parameters so that the Agera could run on biofuels. The Agera R has all the same functionalities and features as the Agera, but with even greater performance – and it can generate 1115 hp and 1200 nm of torque on E85 and E100 bio fuel.

With a twin turbo V8, 5.0 L engine, a 7-speed dual clutch, and Vortex Generating Rim (VGR) wheels that act as turbines to maximize downforce, we think the car could probably knock your socks off. There’s enough carbon fiber in the vehicle to make a nanotube jealous and you can even get yours with a roof rack ski carrier – you know for a quick jaunt up to Chamonix to hit the slopes. Price? Still TBA.

Via Uncrate