The team at the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) has raised the bar for environmentalists and fighting deforestation across the globe, planting a whopping 202,331 trees in just one hour! The record-breaking event happened on May 20, where teams across North America gathered in their local areas from 1pm to 2pm ET. The incredible feat of reforestation by hand not only set a world record, but implemented future thriving forests from coast to coast.

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The incredible tree planting session appropriately celebrates SFI’s 20th anniversary, by bolstering its mission to highlight conservation through their tree planting initiative. From the east coast of the United States in New York, to the west coast of Canada in Vancouver, teams of 25 to 100 people gathered, totaling 1,072 volunteers in 28 teams with the goal to beat 40,885 trees per group. The day was filled with record-breaking determination, with one group of 100 people breaking through their own record, planting 52,598 trees in just one hour.

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The day included teams from the private and public sector, including community groups, financial firms, local forest organizations and conservation groups, each working toward beating local goals, and also banding together to break the world record.

The SFI events brings together communities for a common cause, reforesting the earth and creating a greener, more sustainable future for each community.

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