The design team at Dorothy in the UK has created a souvenir of environmental destruction. Their “No Globes” are tongue-in-cheek snow globes that riff off the familiar tchotchke’s form while criticizing the dirty coal industry. The knickknack is a powerful- yet cute – way of drawing attention to the worldwide problem of pollution caused by the burning of coal and fossil fuels.

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Instead of a fantastical wintertime or nostalgic tableau commemorating a vacation to a touristy spot inside the snow globe,  Dorothy has created a grim yet familiar scene. A small power plant on a grassy knoll in the foreground is flanked with four giant rising cooling towers, all dirtied with black grime, we stains the top of each. When the No Globe is shaken, instead of sparkly snow or glitter, specs of soot, fire and ash whirl around the water inside, creating a giant cloud of smog over the dismal factory.

The Dorothy Firm designed the limited edition No Globe in 2009, as a reaction to the announcement of new construction of  dirty coal-fired power stations in the UK, which would be the first the country has seen built in 30 years. Dirty coal plants are the greatest threat to climate change, so Dorothy designed the globe in anticipation of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2009.

Only one of the limited edition of two is available, so nab your chance to add the most unique globe to your snow globe collection- and support the protest against dirty coal.

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