Shanghai (pop. 20 million+), like many of China’s other cities is choking under a blanket of filthy air. But now, a local landfill is undergoing a $103 million dollar renovation in an attempt to clean up the perpetual haze clouding Shanghai’s remarkable sky-line. The newly-founded Shanghai Huagang Wind Power Generation Co. is transforming the landfill into a state-of-the-art high capacity power plant.

The planned fifteen 1.5-megawatt wind-powered generators will output 46.96 million kilowatt-hours a year; the same output produced using 12,000 tons of coal. According to Li Xin, a Shanghai Development official, “by 2010 the total wind power will be around 300 MW, two percent of the city’s total installed power capacity.” Although costly, Shanghai’s green efforts are definitely a step in the right direction. According to records, China had 62 wind farms outputting 1,266 MW of energy at the end of 2005. They hope to reach 5,000 MW in 2010 and 30,000 MW in 2020—wind power will then account for 3% of China’s power needs.

Via the Sietch