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Shanghai is currently experiencing a record-breaking heat wave that has already claimed 10 lives as temperatures climb to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The Chinese city is experiencing its highest temperatures in over 140 years as a result of faulting drought and a subtropical high pressure system.

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Authorities at the Shanghai Municipal Centre for Disease Control and Prevention announced that at least ten victims of heat stroke have been pronounced dead since this past Friday. Locals have been flocking to air-conditioned shopping centers, naturally cool subway stations, pools and rivers in an attempt to cool down.

Shanghai hasn’t been this hot since 1934, when temperatures reached 104.36 Fahrenheit – just shy of this year’s 105.8 degree Fahrenheit high. Experts predict the situation will get worse as temperatures are projected to soar to 106. Shanghai news coverage has shown a slice of pork cooking in the sun on a stone slab in just 10 minutes, illustrating just how hot it is. The lack of rain has also amped up the severity of the heatwave, which has affected several eastern and central provinces as well.

Temperatures have reached above 100 degrees Fahrenheit for over a week, with no relief in sight. Authorities fear most for the elderly, who are unable to get around to air-conditioned communal areas for relief.

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