The sky is no longer the limit in Shanghai. With heavy metro construction planned for the next few years, Shanghai is looking to expand its current urban underground network immensely (10 million sq m/107 million sq ft by 2010). Shu Yu, deputy director of the Shanghai Urban Underground Space Development Institute, has revealed that local architects are working on developing China’s first underground park. Architects will landscape one of Shanghai’s existing underground shopping malls or pedestrian walkthroughs and complete the park in three years. The park is set to cover hundreds of square meters and eventually look like a small forest with winding streams.

“Green areas will be extended from the ground to the walls and ceilings of the subterranean structure, and some indoor plants, such as the broadleaf bracket-plant, will also be used.” In addition to being “ a relaxing and comfortable environment,” the park will help clean Shanghai’s air.

Still in the initial planning stages, specific details as to how the city will maintain plant life below ground are still in question. As the China Daily reports, they are considering using an above ground sunlight receiver to capture the sun’s rays and a below ground transmitter which will disperse sunlight through optical fibers. They also plan to use tubes to carry water directly to the roots of the plants.