Shearer Quarters, John Wardle Architects, Australia, Tasmania, House of the Year 2012

The Shearer’s Quarters, as it is called because it serves as a shearer’s shed and retreat for sheep farmers, was designed and is owned by architect John Wardle. The property is still a working farm, though the house reflects much more luxury through its stellar contemporary tuning. The interior of the building glows with clean lines of recycled wood and timber from apple box crates, which were left over from the islands active apple farms of the sixties. An industrial style kitchen table and a craft-made metal bookcase round out the extent of the interior decoration, leaving the interior floor plan rather open.

The simple nature of the design and construction of this home does not just stop with the building’s footprint and interior design. The exterior of the home is wrapped almost entirely in an industrial corrugated sheet metal as if to insulate the old bones of the farm shed from any harm.  Only the entrance porch and the interior living area peak out to expose the wooden interior. This creates a multi-experiential viewing opportunity from every elevation of the building.

As the Jurors of the Houses Awards put it, “this is a finely tuned and beautifully synthesized building that is a reminder of the essential systems and patterns of domestic life”.

+ John Wardle Architects

Via Houses Awards