For those of us that were raised playing the classic computer game Oregon Trail, our childhood dreams have just come true. One company in Idaho is bringing the covered wagon into the 2000s with their converted sheep wagon mobile homes! These canvas covered homes by Idaho Sheep Wagons rival pop-up trailers and have way more green street cred than giant, gas guzzling mobile homes. Though you can order your new rustic trailer with original antique spoked wheels, they also come in a highway safe version.

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Idaho Sheep Wagons is run by descendants of the Idaho Basques who used these wagons as homes while herding sheep. The present day version of this age-old abode comes with many modern amenities that we’re sure settlers crossing the Rockies would have given an arm and a leg for — unless they’d already had them amputated because of rattlesnake bites!

Idaho Sheep Wagons come with memory foam mattresses, 110 volt plugs for your gadgets, antique wooden stoves — or electric stoves if you prefer — and a pull out dining table. The canvas that covers each wagon is expected to last through 10 years of wear and tear and some of the models are built on original antique wood spoke wheels. The company uses a lot of antique hardware and reused structural elements, and you can request your new-old wagon to be hand-built however you’d like. The top of the line model goes for $13,500 — but can you really put a price on being able to ford a river in real life?

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