What do you do when you have a large bookcollection? And we mean a ridiculously large collection. Well, you could live in an entire house lined with bookshelves like this one! Designed by Japan’s Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio in Moriguchi City, the entire interior of the home, which has been dubbed Shelf-Pod, is lined with an extensive latticework of laminated pine board. The designers even created a mosque-like domed roof for the house since the homeowner’s book collection consists primarily of Islamic history texts.

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Like mostJapanese architecture, Shelf-Pod was designed with traditional techniques, based on the Japanese woodcraft of Kumiko, in mind. The interlocking shelves are at varying levels, which form practical areas like stairs, table tops and other surfaces – these function as storage shelving as well.

With the geometrical harmony of Islamic architecture in mind, the dimensions of the shelves are also proportional to the stairs, windows, desks and chairs within the structure. Kazuya Morita reinforced the structure to earthquake-proof the house by adding additional support to each shelf. The exterior uses the same design as traditional Dozou, or storehouses, with bamboo netting covered with a clay and straw mixture.

With so muchshelving everywhere, one can only wonder just HOW many books the owner could possibly have.

+ Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio