It’s starting to seem like we can’t even go one day without news breaking about another oil spill ravaging the environment. Last Friday, Shell confirmed that its rig on the Gannet Alpha platform in the North Sea had sprung a leak. While the company has managed to stop that main leak, they are struggling to shut down a second leak that is spilling oil into the water in a hard-to-reach spot close to the ocean floor. The secondary leak is pumping 84 gallons of crude oil into the ocean every day. Since the leak started, about 55,000 gallons of oil have spilled into the North Sea. While nowhere near as disastrous as the Gulf oil spill or Shell’s massive mess in Nigeria, this most recent spill is still massively depressing.

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The leak was first noticed last Wednesday, August 10, and is the worst in Great Britain in the last decade. The first leak was stopped within 24 hours, but “the oil found a second pathway to the sea,” according to Shell. On Saturday, the company said the leak had been contained. Now Shell officials are trying to determine exactly where the newest leak is so they can stop it.

Shell has reported that the oil sheen on the North Sea is 19 miles wide at its largest point, and most of the oil has been dispersed by strong waves, meaning that it would not hit shores, but could still prove more difficult to clean up. The British government has promised to investigate the spill, and the petro giant has said that they regret that the spill ever happened. Oh, and Shell has said they care about the environment, which really, should make us all feel better because nothing says “We love the Earth” like dumping tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil into the ocean.

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Lead image via EPA