Shelter ByGG‘ may look like a giant red cloud sitting on the street, but it’s really a cozy cocoon-like shelter made of renewable cork ! Gabriela Gomes sent us news about her design, which she describes as an experimental habitable module that can be placed in any empty city space. The private retreat is a great way to get away from prying eyes within public spaces, and even gets its clean energy right from the sun.

Gabriela Gomes, Shelter ByGG, Cork, cocoon, portugal, urban shelter, Architecture, energy efficiency, Green Materials

Produced in Guimarães, Portugal, the Shelter ByGG is insulated, weather-proof and light, and can easily change locations as needed. With enough space for a double-room with integrated WC, this eco-friendly shelter will be unveiled at the Guimarães 2012 festival.

+ Gabriela Gomes

Photos © Joao Morgado