If you’ve ever adopted a shelter animal, you may remember making a special connection with your furry companion when they approached you to play, or followed you around for a while. Battersea Dogs & Cat Home, located in the UK, came up with a way to replicate this experience for people without requiring them to visit the shelter. A series of high-tech billboards strategically placed throughout a shopping mall are used to help shelter dogs “follow” would-be owners around, after the unsuspecting shoppers grabbed a leaflet from a shelter rep. It’s a clever and—let’s be honest—really adorable way to use technology to help animals. With 7.6 million dogs and cats entering shelters in the United States each year, according to the ASPCA, perhaps a creative campaign like this one would help more of them find their forever homes.

Via Gizmodo

Images via Battersea Dogs & Cat Home

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