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The location of the tower at major crossroads is a very significant aspect of the design and largely influenced the building’s volume. A low shopping podium is diagonally cut in the same path as the underground metro line, which is easily accessed directly through the main elevators of the tower. Other diagonal lines, derived from the trajectory of the metro, cut into the building to create green spaces higher up. The roof of the podium is also covered in vegetation and a public park.

Solar panels are installed on the roof of the tower as well as the podium to provide additional electricity for the energy efficient building. Because the building houses both office space and a hotel, the maximum load cycle is spread out over a 24 hour period and space is utilized more efficiently. Rainwater is harvested from the rooftops and circulated throughout the building and greywater is recycled for use on the cut-out green zones in the tower.

Via ArchDaily