Shenzhen, China has laid claim to the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the world – and they recently announced the addition of 1,500 EVs to their fleet of 500, bringing the grand total up to 2,000 vehicles. The vehicles — 1,300 buses and 700 taxis — were all bought from Shenzhen-based EV manufacturer BYD. Shenzhen has made some pretty progressive strides to get their residents and government workers behind the wheel of a zero-emissions vehicle – including offering lower energy costs for new electric vehicle owners, according to China Car Times.

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Shenzhen’s mission of spreading EV ownership is supported by their all-electric vehicle fleet, which transports residents around the city in electric buses and taxis. The purchase of electric vehicles also goes to support jobs provided by BYD manufacturing, which is based in Shenzhen. “Shenzhen is the first city in China to implement a subsidy for new energy vehicles and the first city to launch consumer sales of the BYD e6,” noted, Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission (SDRC) Director Xiangzhen Lu.

In addition to encouraging public adoption of electric vehicles, the buses and taxis reduce pollution in the city of Shenzhen — which is a huge problem in Chinese cities due to the ever-increasing number of gasoline powered vehicles — and reduce fuel costs for the city.

Via China Car Times