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The public, private, and service programs of the house have been separated, with the public portions upstairs, peering through the windows facing the park’s lake and sakura trees. Strategically placed, the windows let in just enough light without permitting excess solar gain. Inside the home reveals a tasteful minimalism, both in design and its simple furnishings.

This home showcases three landscaped areas, including a central courtyard which acts as a giant funnel that pushes out hot summer air. As a result of this, the home is beautifully ventilated, nature’s way. But the most interesting aspect of the Hansha Reflection house, which refers to the shiny exterior reflecting the surrounding landscape and vice versa, lies in the designer’s choice to combine mortice and tenon jointing with steel bracketing to give strength to the timber sourced from renewable forests. This combined with the unique facade give this home a handsome edge over the standard white box!

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